My Approach

We are all on different points on the journey to knowing ourselves better. While my ultimate aim is to join you in discovering your unique purpose and true freedom, I draw upon several psychological modalities to help you with your current difficulties to:

-Discover relational patterns that may cause you dissatisfaction and emptiness

-Gain personal awareness for a greater sense of wholeness and clarity

-Provide guidance to unravel the different threads in your life that hold you back from wholehearted living

With these tools and compassionate insight,  we can begin to heal from past hurts, understand how we have adopted unhealthy ways to cope, and eventually learn how to live healthy and purposeful lives.

I also assist clients in emotional regulation, incorporating mindfulness and DBT strategies to alleviate suffering from depression and anxiety.

Most importantly, I strive to understand, see and journey with each of my clients in a healthy and caring therapeutic relationship.